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Getting a Job Offer validated by HRSDC
Getting a Job Offer validated by HRSDC

      Every year, Canadian Employers hire over 150,000 temporary workers with specific 
skills, including live-in caregivers
      When the best skilled workers are willing to relocate, employers will always benefit! 
      Government studies have shown that foreign skilled-workers contribute more 
economically to employers than a local employee as they are more motivated and 
driven to succeed.
      Employers who wish to hire temporary foreign workers must first apply to Service 
Canada for a Labour Market Opinion. 
      The Labour Market Opinion (LMO) assesses the impact the foreign worker would have 
on Canada’s labour market or, in other words, how the offer of employment would likely 
affect Canadian jobs.
      Your Potential Employer will need a positive Labour Market Opinion to hire you as a 
temporary foreign worker. You fill need to obtain a positive Labour Market Opinion in 
order to apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a work permit.

      What can you do to Assist your Potential Employer in making his decision to 
hire / sponsor an overseas worker

     You will need to confirm that the position offered is skilled and the employer has been 
advertised the position in Canada, prior to considering an overseas candidate.
     You will also need to let him know that you are strongly determined to relocate to 
Canada for work and that you already possess the knowledge and the documents 
required to successfully apply for a Work Permit, once the employer has decided to 
consider you for the position 
     Why is this important ?

     Common concerns of Canadian Companies while reviewing Resumes of foreign 
workers have been well documented in the past and you will need to communicate to 
the Potential Employer that you understand the Magnitude of his/her responsibility, 
when considering Foreign Workers.
     You should also point-out that as a foreign worker, you are prepared to perform all of 
your duties with great determination, much like a native Canadian employee, not less 
because of your sheer determination and ambition to succeed in this new Economy, and 
make a statement for yourself.
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