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What about my Family & Dependants?

What about my Family & Dependants?

The Canadian Government does understand that families wish to be together and immigration is permitted for many members of the family. Outlined below are the requirements for family immigration:


Your spouse or common-law partner (including same sex relationships) can normally be included in your own application for immigration. The form needs to be completed and similar information needs to be provided as for the "Principal Applicant". This is normally a straightforward family immigration application to make.


  • Your unmarried children under 19 can be included in your own application for immigration to Canada.
  • Children over 19 can be included if they are in full-time education and still financially dependent on you.
  • Children who are married may be included in family immigration if they are in full-time education, and are still financially dependent on you.


Your parents can normally be accepted for family immigration to Canada, but you can not apply for their visas until you have settled in Canada. Further, the requirements are somewhat more onerous, than is the case for applications relating to a spouse or a child; there are strict financial requirements that must be met before a parent can gain entry to Canada on the strength of their children's presence there. These financial requirements vary depending on the number of dependants already living with the sponsor, and the part of Canada in which they reside. In rare cases where the parents are living in some hardship, and there are compelling humanitarian and compassionate reasons to do so, an application may be made at the same time that the sponsor is applying for immigration to Canada.


Your grandparents can be admitted under requirements similar to those for parents (outlined above).


Sponsorship applications can be made for orphaned relatives under 19 years of age such as brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild. Further, you can normally sponsor a child under 19 years of age that you plan to adopt (subject to the relevant adoption laws).

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