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Welcome to Start-Canada.ucoz.com!

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* Our WebSite is a free resource for people wishing to Immigrate to Canada created by Immigrants, for Immigrants.

* Our website provides various links to useful online resources that are useful to those individuals interested in relocating to Canada, whether it’s on a temporary (work,study visit) or a permanent residence basis (investors, skilled workers, parents/children of Canadian citizens)..

* This website covers the topics of: Canada Immigration, Canada Employment, Canada Education by offering real-world insight into the many pathways that lead towards getting a Canadian visa.

Canada immigration guide for Individuals

* Canada is one of the few countries in the Western World that is actively looking for immigrants. Not only is it easier to emigrate to Canada than to other lands of opportunity, it is also probably one of the most attractive countries in which to live
* The United Nations recently named Canada one of best places to live in the World. The Economist has ranked Vancouver as the best city to live for four years in a row.

What makes Canada so attractive?

- Canada has one of the highest life expectancies in the world.
- It is a safe place to live.
- It is very prosperous.
- It has wide open spaces and spectacular scenery.
- There is an excellent health care system.



Here, we will take you through the first days of arriving in Canada and provide recommendations for the first couple of months.

We will start with "before arriving”: decisions on where to live, starting job search before arriving, arranging the first place to stay, and "after landing”: airport transportation, money exchange and applying for Health Card, SIN card, opening your first bank account and more.


Step 1: Decide on Where to Live in Canada

If you have not decided on which city to live, one of the 3 major cities would be our recommendation - Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

The biggest reasons immigrants are already choosing these 3 cities are;

(Numbers in parenthesis are 2011 permanent resident numbers -www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/statistics/facts2011-summary/02.asp)

Toronto (77,759) for job prospects, Montreal (44,863) for language and Vancouver (28,966) for climate (no snow but lots of rain) according to the Statistics Canada report for 2011.

Benefits of big cities compared to smaller ones in Canada;

  • They are cheaper to fly to and from.
  • Big cities have more job opportunities (but more competition as well).
  • Larger population of origin country reside, providing support.

Drawbacks of big cities compared to smaller ones in Canada;

  • Expensive to live in general.
  • Crowded.
  • Traffic is generally bad.


In recent years, Calgary (15,060), Winnipeg (13,398), Edmonton (10,457) and Ottawa (6,411) are also seeing immigrant increase. You might also consider one of these cities;

Alberta’s (Calgary and Edmonton) oil reserves result in a good economy with job opportunities, high salaries and have one of the lowest taxes in Canada.

Winnipeg is a culturally diverse city represented by 100 ethnic groups speaking 80 different languages. Manitoba has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada, diversified economy and has low costs for living.

Ottawa is where the federal government and many tech companies reside providing ample job opportunities but still being relatively less crowded. Life is not cheap however and houses are expensive.

Step 2: Start your Job Search and Send Resumes before arriving to Canada

After you decide where to live and buy your plane tickets (buy them at least 3 months before arriving for best prices), you should start looking for a job in that city and cities around it.

For example, if you plan to land on either Toronto or Montreal, you can send your resume to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Gatineau, Hamilton, London positions. These are easy train/bus rides away from each other and can be travelled for job interviews with the same day return by bus, train or car.

Alternately, you can start your job search first to see which city has more job advertisements in your occupation. Theoretically, if there are more jobs available for a specific occupation, the faster your chances of getting one. Even though there are no guarantees, logically, you might want to consider landing to that city which would provide more opportunities.

Step 3: Arrange a Place Stay

You will need to arrange a place to stay via internet (or phone if you prefer) before arriving, and unless you have a friend/relative whose couch you can occupy for a while it will be a hotel.

You could also arrange a short term, furnished apartments but you need to commit to stay there at least a month and give them a month’s notice before leaving, so you need to commit for at least 2 months. This may or may not appeal to you depending on if you already have a job or will be looking for it.

Find a decent Hotel in Downtown before Landing

No matter which city, we recommend finding a 3*-4* hotel in downtown and ask if they have extended rates/discounts for weekly stay. In Canada 3*-4* hotels are not luxury hotels but provide decent and clean place to stay while you are looking for your job and longer term accommodation. They generally have internet access in the room (could be for a fee) and in the lobby (mostly free). Internet and a phone number to be reached are important for job search and these will also help reaching information like bus timetables or finding a longer term place to live.

You could possibly find cheaper hotels in the suburbs but generally jobs are concentrated on city centers and downtown accommodation will cut your travel time. It may also prevent taking the wrong public transportation and getting lost on the way to a job interview which is highly possible when you are just getting used to a new city.

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